Coronavirus Safety Tips for Credit Unions

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, reached pandemic status nearly a year ago. When we first wrote this blog, hundreds of new cases were springing up across the U.S., and most of them were in New York. Today, after what feels like 74 months of social distancing, civil unrest, and murder hornets, we’re seeing the vaccine […]

The Vanishing Credit Union Gets Bigger

credit union membership

By Robert McGarvey  For Credit Union 2.0   The April CUNA Mutual Trends Report drops a paradoxical bomb that leaves us confused: are credit unions getting bigger? Or are they vanishing?  First the good news: more of us belong to credit unions, reported CUNA Mutual.  “Credit union membership growth was on a tear during the first two months […]

Mobile Banking Rules – and Where You Still Stumble 

By Robert McGarvey  For CU 2.0   New research out of Javelin, sponsored by identity specialist Jumio, makes plain multiple facts and the central one is that digital banking rules and it does so across generations.  It’s not just a Millennial thing anymore.  Another key takeaway: most financial institutions – eyes on you – stumble in many key places, particularly in […]

MRDC 2.0 And Your Credit Union 

By Robert McGarvey   For CU2.0   A new report from makes plain that mRDC now is a must for credit unions.  Declared the report: “mRDC is no longer a competitive differentiator, but instead a ‘must-have’ offering Financial Institutions need simply to remain competitive.”  Without mRDC you just may not be competitive. That’s a stinging reality.  This claim, incidentally, is underscored by a […]

Rating the Mobile Banking Apps: How Do Credit Unions Fare? 

By Robert McGarvey  For Credit Union 2.0     The good news for credit unions in this year’s MagnifyMoney survey of mobile banking apps: Many do very, very well, even against money center bank competition.  The bad news: Mobile banking apps, suggests MagnifyMoney, “have reached middle age.” That means, per MagnifyMoney, “overall, apps haven’t appreciably improved.” They have entered an […]

Why MRDC Hasn’t Fulfilled Its Promise 

By Robert McGarvey  For Credit Union 2.0   A new research report from Javelin on “Why Digital Banking Often Fails to Reduce Offline Volume” has an infographic that just popped my eyes. The subject: “Reasons Why Consumers Avoid Mobile Banking and Turn to the Branch or ATM for Check Deposits.”  Javelin offers answers but, first, why do […]

Credit Union Data Analytics: Put the Community in your Fees!

If you work for a credit union and are looking for ideas on how to leverage key data to improve your member service or overall credit union member experience, then this post is for you. This is the first post of a 9 part series. If you want the full guide “Almost 99 Credit Union […]

What’s Not In Your Members’ Mobile Wallets

By Robert McGarvey for Credit Union 2.0 Two stats jump out of a PSCU and Javelin report entitled “The Credit Union Guide to Opportunities in IoT, Biometrics and E-commerce.”  Credit union members love their smartphones -80.9% own one. That’s roughly comparable to big bank customers – 88.4% of them own a smartphone.  Where credit union members falter however […]

3 Ways to Get More Engagement on your Facebook Page

By Amy McCaughey Marketing has never been more important for your credit Union. With how much time your members and potential members are spending online and engaging with social media, it is imperative that your Credit Union be thinking about how to better engage with your members online. Your Facebook page can no longer be […]