Growing Your Direct Auto Loan Portfolio with Loanify

How many direct auto loans do you preapprove for members? Aaaaand how many of those members end up with dealer financing?

Dealer financing won’t be terribly advantageous to the member. Any former car salesman will tell you that financing is where they really make their money. And it’s also where you lose it!

So, let’s dig into a new CUSO, Loanify, to see how they help credit unions grow their loan portfolios… and help members get better deals on their cars.

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Modernizing the Borrower Experience with Nonbank Mortgage Servicers like Valon

My partner and I would like to buy a house. We’re both Millennials in our 30s and we make enough money to dream about buying a home sometime soon. The problem is that a small fixer-upper where we live costs well over $300k.

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CU 2.0 Fintech Friday: iink Endorsements

It’s CU 2.0 Fintech Friday! Today, Chris Otey sits down with iink Endorsements to discuss all things credit union, fintech, and digital innovation.

This series is meant to introduce potential partners and vendors to your credit union. We won’t highlight any fintech foes or digital distractions for your credit union’s CEO!

iink Endorsements for Insurance Claim Payments

Have you ever had to make an insurance claim? Or do you know someone who went through that process? Like, let’s say a piano falls and makes a hole in your roof. You need to hire a contractor to fix it and then get your insurance money from your insurance company to pay for it.

Sometimes it’s easy. But usually it’s not.

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CU 2.0 Fintech Friday: Posh Technologies

It’s CU 2.0 Fintech Friday! Today, Chris Otey sits down with Posh Technologies to discuss all things credit union, fintech, and digital innovation.

Last time we spoke, Posh has grown considerably, in both member services and capital. Posh Technologies is still harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to provide chatbots for banks, credit unions, and other industries. But “chatbots” might not be the best term…

Over 30% of call center conversations start with normal or frequently asked questions. There’s no reason why people should have to repeatedly field those kinds of calls—it would be far more convenient and cost-effective to offload that burden onto a conversational AI customer service agent.

Plus, if that AI customer service agent could do more? Well, now we’re talking. Posh’s chatbots (there’s that word again) are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to offer companies:

  • Call deflection
  • Self-service
  • Lead generation

And no, Posh isn’t selling a unicorn. There’s actually a product out there and running. Right now, Posh is working on optimizing their product specifically in the member services area, such as improving telephone banking, and website messaging. All automated, all easier than pressing buttons on your phone, or trying to get a hold of one of your valuable employees over email. Did we mention that it’s available 24/7?


Credit Union Fintech Snapshot: Posh Technologies

Top 3 Problems Solved

  1. Natural language processing
  2. AI and machine learning in banking
  3. Automated customer service

Posh Technologies Founder: Karan Kashyap

Posh Technologies Market Strategy

Community banks and Credit Unions

Credit Union Fintech: Posh Technologies in the News

How Posh got its start

Conversational interfaces make financial operations easier

Interested in seeing more fintech entrepreneurship? Check out the CU 2.0 fintech infographic, Death by 1,000 Cuts. You can see firsthand the impact fintechs have had on the credit union industry, as well as how fintech innovation can improve your income statement, balance sheet, interest margin, services, and more.

Credit Union 2.0 believes fully in the power of credit union and fintech partnerships. With the shared goal to redefine multifaceted financial services models look like to members, more credit unions are looking to partner with forward-leaning fintechs.

If you want to learn more about credit union–fintech partnerships, click here.

CU 2.0 Fintech Friday: Wunderite

It’s CU 2.0 Fintech Friday! Today, Chris Otey sits down with Wunderite to discuss all things credit union, fintech, and digital innovation. (Hopefully we won’t discuss any digital distractions for CEOs…)

Have you ordered anything online in the last year? In case you haven’t, here’s a little preview of what you can expect:

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