Tailwind and Custom Software Development for Credit Unions

Tailwind custom software development for credit unions from cu 2.0

Credit unions are known for many things: Member service, great rates, community involvement, and a lot of heart make the list. Yet there’s a dark side, too: Credit unions experience heavy regulations, tight budget requirements, lighter staffing, and a lack of tailor-made solutions, for example. Consequently, credit unions often lag behind fintechs and banks, technologically. […]

Open Banking Solutions and Credit Union Collections

Open banking solutions fintech and credit union collections from cu 2.0

For several years throughout the pandemic, delinquency rates were low. And by low, we mean low low. However, in 2022, we’re starting to see signs that delinquencies are charge-offs are increasing. Of course, there are numerous factors about why delinquencies are rising. And there are many ways that credit unions can support their members as […]

How Can Credit Unions Make Money Off of Fintechs?

brainstorm event making money from fintechs

This blog is based on an expert discussion at our Summer 2022 Brainstorm Event. Register to attend our next one now! The relationship between fintechs and credit unions has evolved as credit unions make major advancements in the tech arena. Credit unions and fintechs have opportunities to partner in a symbiotic way, offering benefits to […]

CXM for Credit Unions: What It Is and Why You Need It

Credit union cxm with ovation cxmengine from cu 2.0

After visiting a branch to discuss finances, one of your members decides they need a new product—let’s say it’s a credit card. They get home and go to your website to explore their options. After they find what they’re looking for, they begin the application process on your mobile app. But wait! Something goes wrong… […]

Housetable and Fully Digital Home Improvement Lending

Housetable home equity loan based on value after renovation for credit unions from cu 2.0

This is America. We have various but predictable wants. Whatever we want, we want it more, better, and faster. Fortunately, those adjectives are also the keys to growth and innovation. More, better, and faster perfectly encapsulates everything about housing in the last few years… and now, more, better, and faster describe the demand for home […]

Credit Unions, Revival Homes, and Funding ADU Construction Loans

Revival homes ADU construction loans for credit unions from cu 2.0

It’s not exactly news to say that California is dealing with a housing crisis. For decades, housing demand in the Golden State has outpaced supply, particularly in its major cities and suburbs. Local opposition to housing growth and restrictive zoning codes have made it challenging for builders to meet housing demand – and the result […]

Credit Unions, Gen Z, and Harness Giving

Harness giving for credit unions and gen z values from cu 2.0

Quick note—the premise of this blog is based on Gen Z, but the fintech in question—Harness FI, connected to Harness Giving through its parent company Harness—isn’t built around Gen Z appeal. Millennial and Gen Z loyalty is not easily earned. Politically involved and environmentally conscious, these younger generations have high standards for companies. At the […]

Opening a Credit Union Account During a Pandemic

I moved away from my college town about a year ago, but I was still clinging on to my old credit union account because the thought of transferring my bills, direct deposit, and savings filled me with dread. I had not even considered transferring until I bought a used bike in person, where I had […]

Five Digital Marketing Strategies for Fintechs

There are many ways to launch a new fintech startup. Getting good PR, knowing the right people, and partnering with established institutions all work very well. But at some point, you’ll need a digital presence. Not only does it lend credibility to your organization, but it guides curious parties to your brand—and your solution. If […]