The Best Credit Union CRM Software for 2022

The best credit union crm software from cu 2.0

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps organizations manage interactions with current and prospective customers. CRMs assist in managing contact lists, tracking and measuring engagement, automating workflows, and reporting…

And more.

Larger companies have been using CRM software for years now, and small businesses are following suit. It’s no surprise that credit unions—which pride themselves on member relationships—are turning to CRMs now.

The following list includes some of the best credit union CRM software available today (listed alphabetically). Please note that CRMs can be very complex, and credit unions may consider additional solutions to get the most out of their CRM (such as Boomtown).

We’ve included some suggestions at the end about how to get more from your credit union’s CRM.



CRMNEXT is a strong CRM with features built explicitly for financial institutions. For one, that means that their platform will capture and work with CU-specific transactions and data. For two, it means you won’t run into compliance headaches like you might with generic options.

CRMNEXT also incorporates AI, ensuring that their platform is built for the future. But what we like best are its core integrations that ensure your credit union can connect to its other systems.


2.  Datava

Datava is a CUSO that built a CRM specifically for community financial institutions. Their platform includes modular components that customize to fit any financial institution’s existing tech stack and goals. It’s also highly integrated, fully managed, cloud-based, and useable by everyone from the C-suite down to the tellers.

Datava deploys in about half the time of most CRMs, and at half the cost. Their current credit union clients have seen a 20% increase in new loans and a 50% increase in cross-sell.


3.  HubSpot

HubSpot is a market-leading CRM and marketing automation platform. Their platform is easy to use and comes with (what seems like) the entire internet’s support. So, if you’re not sure how to do something with HubSpot, rest assured that there are at least a dozen guides out there to teach you.

Furthermore, HubSpot can connect to core software and other credit union technology through APIs. And, most importantly, there are partner companies ready to help credit unions get the most from HubSpot.


4.  Onovative

Onovative is a marketing automation and CRM built for banks and credit unions. And their CRM isn’t their only product—they offer a suite of other services for financial institutions.

The Onovative CRM is intended to be simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Considering the learning curve of using CRMs in credit unions, that’s a plus.


5.  Salesforce

Salesforce is the industry-leading CRM for big businesses and enterprises. In recent years, it has proven incredibly useful in banking environments as well. Many larger credit unions have used Salesforce as their CRM—and found new ways to serve members during the pandemic.

Salesforce has the resources to stay continuously relevant and useful for years. Plus, their wide-ranging list of integrations allows credit unions to connect with a wide range of other platforms.


6.  Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM has been around for quite a long time, and their platform has been successfully deployed across many industries. They’ve developed a solution for credit unions that integrates well with other credit union tech solutions.

One thing we like is how Sugar CRM is useful down to the teller level to ensure all credit union employees are able to deliver seamless member experiences.


7.  Total Expert

Total Expert was purpose-built for financial institutions. Their automation platform includes prebuilt modules for credit unions, ensuring members start seeing benefits as soon as possible. Total Expert also includes multiple solutions for data, education, compliance, and more.

In the interest of full disclosure, CU 2.0 has partnered with Total Expert to provide marketing automation to credit unions. We’re fans of their product and believers in their roadmap.


Which Is Right for Your Credit Union?

Each of the credit union CRMs above might be a good choice for your institution. We recommend getting demos from several and seeing which has the features your team is looking for. Due to ease of deployment and configurability, we recommend including Datava in your list of demos.

One thing to note is that a CRM is often only as good as the information it can collect. Your other platforms, from loan origination, to mobile banking, to chat, all produce an incredible amount of data…

To get the most out of any CRM, we highly recommend connecting them all together so that your CRM can use all of the data your credit union produces.

Most solutions here are custom and will take a constant touch, but the result is worth it. A faster, simpler approach would be using something like Boomtown’s CXMEngine, which acts as an orchestration layer across your credit union’s tech stack. It pulls in data from all sources, connects to your CRM, and delivers necessary information to members and stakeholders as needed.

In a world where connection with members is critical, your credit union’s CRM is just the first step.


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