2021 Fintech 2.0 Awards

Each year, CU 2.0 recognizes fintechs that have improved credit union technology and the member experience. For our first annual awards in 2021, we honor fintechs in 3 areas:

We’ll discuss what each category means and why we chose it. The links above point to our deeper dives on each award category to highlight why we chose the fintechs we did.

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5 Common Mobile UI/UX Mistakes in Credit Union Apps (with Examples)

Have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger Effect? It describes a tendency for people to misevaluate their own knowledge or competence on a subject. Experts underestimate themselves—and for laypersons to assume they know way more than they do.

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Metrics to Monitor on Your Institution’s Website

By Dylan Bloniarz, soon-to-be graduate from St. Edwards University’s Master’s program in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. This blog is about credit union web design. He is currently redesigning his credit union’s website. You may find the original post here.

Your credit union could have the best-designed website in the world…

But without tracking the proper metrics, it recalls the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink.”

The digital space a website creates allows you to put data behind what is working and what is not, making it crucial you pay close attention to your metrics. Let’s explore the top three metrics to pay close attention to on your credit union’s website.

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