CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 296 Interra Credit Union, Cashback+, and the American Heartland

Imagine this: you and your spouse go to Appleby’s for a Valentine’s Day dinner. You pay the check with your credit union debit card and, shazam, you get 10% cashback.

An impossible story?

Not according to Joel Richard,  chief experience officer at Interra Credit Union in Indiana.  

That cashback came to him because he was using a card linked to Cashback+ which delivers cashback to members who use their debit card at participating merchants and the merchant list is an all star collection including WalMart, BestBuy, Target, Amazon and as you will hear in the show the Cashback+ system is very open to including offers from a credit union’s business members.

If you are thinking this is deja vu again you’re right.  A few months ago we did a short newsflash episode with David Metz, CEO of Prizeout the company behind Cashback+.  

What’s different about this show is that Interra’s Richard is here singing Cashback+’s praises.

Also on the show is Matt Denham, a Prizeout co-founder, who tells how the product has morphed and is now at an increasing number of credit unions.

Face this fact: credit card rewards are probably going to shrink as Mastercard and Visa fees do.  Cashout+ rides entirely different rails. This is about customer acquisition strategies deployed by sophisticated merchants.

Probably, too, many of your members are fretting about balancing their household budget. Cashback can be a very sweet plus for many American households.

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