Should Credit Unions Outsource Statements and Notices During COVID-19?

COVID-19 took North America by storm, and the U.S. is the heaviest hit in the world. To combat the spread of the coronavirus, many credit unions are encouraging remote work. Some have closed branches entirely.

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Is Direct Mail Dead for credit unions?

A lot of you might wonder something I have often wondered: is direct mail dead? Today we’re going to explain why it’s actually not dead, and how you can incorporate it in all of your digital marketing to create highly personalized digital marketing messages that help your members get educated, built trust, and buy more product that’s right for them from your credit union.

Did you know that 79% of direct mail is opened immediately, versus 49% of email? Or that direct mail has a 4.5% response rate v. a 0.12% response rate for email? Or that 10% more customers buy from direct mail than from other channels? So clearly direct mail is not dead and is not going anywhere.

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