Should Credit Unions Outsource Statements and Notices During COVID-19?

COVID-19 took North America by storm, and the U.S. is the heaviest hit in the world. To combat the spread of the coronavirus, many credit unions are encouraging remote work. Some have closed branches entirely.

This may present an issue if your credit union produces member notices and letters in-house daily. If the staff is working remotely, how will you safely and effectively manage printing and sending communications?

While the economy is nearly put on hold, many members are more worried about their finances than usual. This makes notices like Past Due, CD Maturity, and other alerts very important. Letters and notices are thus a big part of your connection to members during this outbreak.

Outsourcing letter, notice, and statement production have merit even when there is no pandemic. It’s extremely fast, scalable, and it saves time and money. But with closed branches and social distancing guidelines in effect, it’s an even stronger proposition. It allows for continued production while decreasing risk.

The team at XDI has more than 25 years of outsourced letter printing history. Their experience ensures extremely fast onboarding and setup. See how they can help credit unions guarantee ongoing operation viability through this shut down.

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