Key Member Satisfaction and Loyalty Touchpoints for Credit Unions

One of the key differentiators for credit unions is their superior service. Or at least, it should be a key differentiator. But are you sure you’re doing it right?

And if you are, are you providing that same great member experience across all major touchpoints?

Here are a few major member touchpoints where you should prioritize member satisfaction. If you feel that you’re falling behind on one or two of them, don’t panic! There’s an easy way to turn things around.



How to Calculate Credit Union Member Acquisition Cost

Sometimes it can feel darn near impossible to figure out how much it costs to acquire a new credit union members.

But should it be so hard?

We spoke with Bryan Adler, CEO of Vetter. Adler has a lot of experience in attracting and onboarding new members at credit unions and community banks.

What Adler revealed is that the cost of new credit union member acquisition is actually very low—and easy to calculate!

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The Easy Way to Speed Up Your Credit Union Audits by 25%

There are only a few things one can be sure of in this world: death, taxes, and audits, apparently.

The credit union regulatory space is, let’s say, rigorous. (Stifling seems like such a harsh word.)

But it’s true. As smaller credit unions continue to disappear, either through consolidation or some other dark magic, some doomsayers worry about the future of the credit union industry as a whole. Grim stuff, to be sure.

But this case study from audit software provider Redboard offers a little hope.

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