Credit Unions Should Learn from the Rebirth of Retail

Last week I made a breakthrough in my relationship with my wife. We have been married 16 years and she finally felt secure enough to tell me something I have known for years. Kirk, she said, you are not a very good dresser. Frankly, most of the time you look like Ted Kennedy and Rodney Dangerfield had some sort of weird baby. Well, she didn’t say that second part, but now you don’t think she is as mean… it’s all perspective.

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Masterminding Your Path Through the Coming Economic Turmoil

Bad times are coming at you. A recent Credit Union Times headline screamed: Preparing for COVID Loan Losses. The subhead multiplied the miseries: CUs are preparing for a wave of COVID-related loan losses, delinquencies, and bankruptcies.

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Credit Union Leadership Training and Mentoring

Leadership is rarely something that is arbitrarily given. Rather, leadership is earned. If you’re already a credit union leader, you still must earn your position every day. That goes double for aspiring leaders, who must be proactive in their pursuit of performance and responsibility.

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