The CU 2.0 Fintech Mastermind Introduces the Brainstorm Event

Credit union fintech mastermind brainstorm event on july 14 2021

The CU 2.0 Fintech Mastermind is a group of nearly 100 credit union and fintech leaders. They meet in small groups each month to tackle the financial industry’s biggest challenges.

Every six months, the groups catalog the most salient discussions they had in that period. Then, they pick the topics they feel most qualified to speak about. These are industry leaders showcasing rigorous thought and expertise.

And they’re calling it the Brainstorm Event.


About the Mastermind Group

Learn more about why Mastermind groups work here.

The CU 2.0 Fintech Mastermind began in the early pandemic. The group had begun forming prior to the first lockdowns, but the chaos in those early months necessitated deeper support from peers to tackle the challenges our industry—and our country—were facing.

It became an incredible resource.

Members shared their biggest challenges. Other members stepped up to solve them. While so many leaders in our country struggled to catch up, the Mastermind group was pushing each other ahead.

They discussed issues such as:

  • Digital transformation mid- and post-COVID
  • Data analytics in credit unions
  • How to become a CEO

Then, in December of 2020, they decided to share their insights outside the group. The Fintech Mastermind created a half-day event and invited their closest friends and colleagues. The Showcase Event gathered over 150 registrants in a couple short days.

It was a transformative experience—and attendees left with a stack of books from the expert presenters.


About the Brainstorm Event

The Brainstorm Event builds on the success of the first showcase. But this time, there are a few format improvements:

  • Members voted on which topics were most critical to success in 2022
  • The format includes dedicated networking time for attendees
  • There will be a sponsored happy hour afterward

Topics this year will range from AI and use cases in the financial industry, to marketing to Millennials and Gen Z, to the digital tools and skills necessary for tomorrow’s CEO.

The event is open to credit union and fintech leaders and innovators. Or, if you aspire to be one, you’re welcome to join as well. We encourage you to register early if you’d like to take part in all of the festivities:

July 14, 2021
Hosted via Zoom

Register here for the Brainstorm Event


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