Understanding the Credit Union Strategic Planning Process

credit union strategic planning with cu 2.0

What is a credit union strategic planning process and why should you use one? What kinds of topics should you discuss? Who should be involved? If you are a new credit union executive or are thinking of doing your first credit union planning session, read on! This article outlines the process and methodology that other […]

Credit Union Strategic Planning Topics

credit union member growth

Ahhh, credit union strategic planning… Is it something you look forward to? Or is it more of a necessary evil? The last year has revealed that credit unions must take a more proactive approach to remote solutions, digital delivery, business continuity planning, and risk. Today is the time to think about the credit union world […]

How to Select a Credit Union Strategic Planning Facilitator?

It’s a wild world out there. Disruptive technologies are forcing us to completely reconsider our credit union strategies. If you want your financial institution to be ready for the rocky, futuristic road ahead, you may want to bring on a credit union strategic planning facilitator. Each summer, hundreds of credit union boards and executives gather […]