The Credit Union Case for Rocket Mortgage® Partnerships

rocket mortgage credit union partnerships

Rocket Mortgage is one of America’s largest and most recognized lenders1. Their digital lending journey and client experience are nearly unmatched in their field. Not surprisingly, credit unions—and CU 2.0—think of Rocket Mortgage as the competition. But might they make better partners? For a surprising number of credit unions, the answer might be “yes.” Read […]

The Best New Credit Union Core Software with Fintech-Friendly Values

fintech friendly new credit union core software

The credit union world is getting faster paced, like it or not. AI—and the slew of new fintech solutions powered by it—calls for nimble, tech-ready architecture to support it. Legacy cores, while dependable, often lack the agility needed to keep up with the rapid evolution of fintech. That is, unless you love waiting a year […]

Credit Unions, Cryptocurrency, and Card Rewards

Credit union cryptocurrency card rewards

Most financial institutions have been slow on the uptake when it comes to cryptocurrency. It’s still a relatively new technology and represents a definite risk. But there might also be risk in steering clear much longer.

CU2.0 Hot Take: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Apple Card

The Apple Card is going to change things. With its large market appeal and history of developing user-friendly tech, the Apple Card is set to disrupt offerings from traditional card issuers. Credit unions especially may worry about losing market share. And they should worry—if they’re unwilling to learn from Apple. Overall, not everything that changes […]