Three Creative Ways Credit Unions Can Use Memes

Last week, we taught you what memes are. This week’s blog is about how to put them into practice for your credit union.

Currently, there is a slew of information coming from businesses on how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s difficult to cut through the noise and get your content noticed on social media.

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What Are Memes? And Why Should Credit Unions Care?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you may have missed it. An astounding amount of social media content and interaction revolves around memes.

But what are memes? Are there examples of memes? And why should credit unions care about them?

Because, let’s be honest here, credit unions should care about memes—and they should use them immediately.

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How Credit Unions Can Go Viral on Social Media

Recently, as a resident young person here at CU 2.0, I have ventured on to TikTok. You may have heard of it—either from your kids, the news lately, or maybe from our blog.

TikTok has an interesting set up. The main page doesn’t show videos from people you follow. Rather, it shows content catered “for you” by artificial intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you follow the creator or not.

Sometimes, videos that hit my “for you” page only have six likes, and sometimes, they have millions. All from people I’ve never heard of before. That means that TikTok users have one goal, and one goal only:

Go. Viral.

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