CU 2.0 sponsor

Admios is an accomplished nearshore software development firm that provides highly skilled, team-based resources to companies with strategic software needs. Since 2005, startups and enterprise companies have chosen Admios to drive new product growth and technical initiatives in a variety of industries.

Admios is headquartered in the Bay Area. They draw talent from a 50-person Latin American development team stationed throughout Central and South America. Their team has a wide variety of technical skills, is 100% proficient in English, and based in US timezones to conveniently integrate with internal engineering and product teams.

Credit unions and other institutions can bring on Admios to help with (or lead) development projects. If the project requires code, expertise, and a high degree of competency and professionalism, Admios is a strong contender. Especially for credit unions, Admios may be the key to building custom apps, software, and solutions for which there is no good premade alternative from a vendor.