Cozera (id-go)

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The only digital identity you’ll ever need.

Cozera’s id-go is an identity authentication service and digital identity credential. Or, more simply, it’s a secure digital ID that eliminates the need for passwords, challenge questions, and other easily-hacked account security measures.

To use id-go, members complete a one-time, 90-second activation, which includes a phone device check, photo ID scan, and selfie match with liveness check. Then, when ID authentication is needed, id-go notifies the member’s phone and prompts them for a biometric scan.

Cozera has deployed id-go at multiple credit unions, thanks in part to their “no-code / low-code” integration, which deploys in hours.

The benefits their credit union partners have seen so far include:

  • Significantly decreased authentication time (~104 seconds to ~20 seconds)
  • Decreased average handling time (AHT) in call centers
  • Reduced exposure to fraud risk
  • Improved member account security and member experience

With the expansion of digital and mobile-first banking and the need for better ID and account security, Cozera’s id-go is a strong contender in the realm of digital ID.