Credit is complex, and mistakes are costly. At Ensemblex, we have decades of experience building and running successful credit businesses – from disruptive start-ups to $1+ billion P&Ls at Capital One. Our team’s success spans almost every consumer lending product, every continent, and multiple economic cycles.

Credit Unions and Banks leverage our credit expertise to ensure their underwriting processes are sound, their portfolios are resilient, and their collections strategies are effective.

We work with Credit Unions and Banks in several ways:

Credit Risk Process Audit: a four week examination of the client’s originations, underwriting, servicing, and collections process. Companies receive a 25-item scorecard identifying relative areas of strength and gaps requiring remediation. The report is an important addition to the client’s controls environment.

Executive Risk Advisory and Fractional Lending Officer: Our team can be leveraged on a part-time basis to offer the soundest credit advice in the market, or to temporarily fill a vacancy in the Chief Lending Officer or Chief Risk Officer role. We have decades of experience serving as credit and risk management executives in dozens of companies.

Portfolio Resiliency Analysis: a deep dive portfolio analysis and segmentation. We analyze your portfolio profitability and sustainability of each customer segment and product. Through the process, we help you identify your areas for highest profit contribution and growth. We stress test your portfolio to help you understand areas of exposure and potential remedies.