FiVerity is an AI and machine-learning solution that combats financial crime and cyber threats at financial institutions.

FiVerity provides consumer lending institutions with cyber fraud defense to combat a dangerous and growing threat:

The convergence of fraud-related theft with sophisticated, high-volume cyber-attacks. Unlike traditional forms of fraud, emerging crimes like synthetic identity fraud (SIF) are perpetuated by global criminal organizations with significant resources and engineering skill. To identify these evolving threats, FiVerity brings machine learning to a financial institution’s current stack of rule-based verification systems.

FiVerity’s Cyber Fraud Network further strengthens each user’s defense by responding to fraudulent activity detected throughout the company’s partnerships with banks, credit unions, regulators and law enforcement agencies. This multiplies each user’s ability to identify—and learn from—new fraud patterns. In addition to ongoing defense, FiVerity offers a fast and lightweight portfolio analysis to identify SIF accounts and other forms of fraud within existing portfolios.