GreenAddress is a cryptocurrency wallet. They are a leader in securing bitcoins and providing instant clearing confirmations. Their open-source platform supports desktop, mobile and web apps and offers a very featureful and secure wallet as well as APIs to enable third party developers. It does not support other cryptocurrencies at this time.

The GreenAddress platform is highly secure, yet user friendly. To improve user convenience, GreenAddress offers a “watch-only” mode from which users may see their balance and account details without providing additional access to move or transfer their coin(s).

GreenAddress, Inc. was founded by Lawrence Nahum and Jerzy Kozera in 2013. It was the first to implement Multisig, HD, 2FA and dynamic fees to BTC wallets. The company is registered in Malta.

In July 2016, Blockstream GreenAddress. Nevertheless, GreenAddress remains an independent entity today. The wallet has been tagged as one for experienced traders with advanced crypto-wallet needs. Their primary competitors are Coinbase and Blockchain.