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Greenlight helps credit unions acquire, support, and empower kid and teen members with family financial tools and education.

With Greenlight as a partner, credit unions can provide a robust digital banking experience for kids and teens. Greenlight offers a debit card for kids and teens and money app designed for families loved by over 6 million parents and kids. With Greenlight, parents can teach their kids about responsible money management with all the tools to ensure improved financial wellness.

Greenlight’s debit card for kids and teens allows parents to set customizable spending controls and have full transparency into their kid’s spending habits. Parents can also load up the debit card instantly, or empower their kids to earn money through chores and automated allowance. Greenlight’s app also helps parents teach the value of savings with the ability for their kids to set customizable savings goals in their app. Finally, with Greenlight’s “Level Up” game, kids can cruise through bite-sized interactive lessons on everything from smart spending to investing.

Some of the highlights and features of Greenlight’s youth finance solution include:

  • Financial Education: gamified education in money skills such as budgeting, saving, and investing Meanwhile, kids learn-by-doing by managing their earning, spending, and saving in-app;
  • A debit card with parental controls controls: real-time notifications of transactions, instant money transfers, and spending history, and category-level spending controls;
  • Chores and allowance: Greenlight lets parents set up automated allowances and chore lists that pay upon completion, plus direct deposit for teens with jobs; and
  • One app, two experiences: Both parents and kids can experience all Greenlight has to offer, with an app designed just for them available in the Apple App store, Google Play, or the Amazon app store.

Greenlight is a particularly strong partner for credit unions because they bring in engaged, financially-savvy new members. Thanks to a co-branded app experience and lifecycle messaging, kids gain years of brand loyalty, making it easy for them to graduate to full membership at the right time with Greenlight’s graduation program.