Long Game

CU 2.0 sponsor

Long Game is a gamified loyalty app that rewards members for interacting with their credit union and its financial products. In 2022, Long Game was purchased by Truist Bank to improve their reach and support with youth customers.

Long Game offers several dozen digital games for members to play. The games are often styled after Fruit NinjaCandy Crush, and other popular mobile games.

Members “pay” to play these games with in-game tokens that they receive for completing various banking tasks. For example, members get coins by logging in, answering financial wellness questions, and engaging more with their credit union (i.e. setting up direct deposit, enrolling in eStatements, getting a credit card, reaching a savings goal).

Long Game’s goal is to help members build better financial habits by making financial wellness activities more fun and habitual. Platform users have increased savings and engagement considerably over control groups.

Some benefits to gamifying credit union member finance include:

  • More click-throughs per day to their partner institution,
  • Increased savings balances and direct deposit rates,
  • More click-throughs on institutional promotions, and
  • Higher monthly activity retention in existing users.

The end result is a combination of improved financial knowledge, increased savings, less debt, better money habits, and introductions to investments and cryptocurrency.

To CU 2.0’s knowledge, Long Game no longer partners with credit unions now that it is owned by Truist Bank.