CU 2.0 sponsor

ModusBox is a global team of infrastructure and integration nerds. (Their words, not ours!)

Their mission is to improve lives by accelerating universal access to reimagined financial services. It is their belief that technology is the key to driving this access for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. And, it is the underlying network infrastructure that exploits and excludes.

That’s where ModusBox comes in. They help credit unions with difficult core integrations so that they can deliver the best P2P payments, online banking, and other modern digital solutions. Their no-code, cloud-native, drop-in integration tools are primarily focused on two major industries: Payment Networks and Supply Chains. By combining their products and deep roots in the integration space, they digitally transform companies and countries around the world to drive inclusion and connectivity.

With team members in more than 20 different countries, they’re no stranger to diversity. There is no shortage of individual skills and experiences on our team. And, we celebrate that our uniqueness makes us stronger as we unite on a single mission to accelerate access to reimagined financial services.