OM Financial Group

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OM Financial Group is an executive benefit consulting firm that specializes in providing sound advice to credit union and other non-profit organizations, specializing in Supplemental Executive Retirements Plans (SERPs) for their key executives.

Successfully recruiting and retaining quality executives is vital to any organization’s long-term stability, profitability and succession planning. By offering executives benefits packages that allow them to generate substantial tax-preferred retirement distributions, organizations can accomplish all three of these goals in a cost-effective and mutually beneficial manner. OM Financial Group prides themselves on their experience and ability to remain flexible, thereby allowing you to offer a variety of executive benefit plans that can attract talent while also positively impacting financial metrics.

Each program designed by OM is customized to fit an organization’s specific needs and can include a number of different product options, as well as evaluating anything that is already in place.

OM Financial Group crafts custom executive benefit and succession packages for credit unions, universities, hospitals and other non-profit organizations throughout the country. Their decades of financial services experience with credit unions and other organizations, combined with their hands-on approach to creating unique and innovative solutions, allows their clients to reduce costs, improve talent retention rates and increase earning potential.