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TerraStrat uses AI to show credit unions exactly where to put branches, ATMs/ITMs, and more. TerraStrat was founded by experts in banking, AI, and geographic information systems (GIS). GIS in banking helps credit unions understand their member demographics, where they live, what they buy, and where they buy it. Typically, GIS relies on highly educated guesswork, […]


Trellance is the leading provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions, professional services and consulting for credit unions. The company’s solutions and services, together with the patented common data model of its signature M360 product, are used by credit unions to find actionable insights, improve member experience and achieve portfolio growth. Founded in 1989, […]


intelliflo supplies specialist online software for IFAs, financial, and mortgage advisers, allowing focus on clients… not administration! intelliflo brings together leading businesses in the financial services sector: Intelliflo: UK’s #1 practice management and digital engagement software provider; i4C: leading integrated cash flow modelling solution; Jemstep: market-leading digital advice provider; Portfolio Pathway: cutting-edge wealth management solution; […]

Best Innovation Group

Best Innovation Group, Inc, or BIG, was founded by John Best, the well-known technologist. BIG is a technology innovation and development company catering to the financial industry. They have served hundreds of financial institutions in designing technology solutions to fit their growing needs. Some of their primary services include: Five: The Financial Interactive Voice Experience […]

OM Financial Group

OM Financial Group is an executive benefit consulting firm that specializes in providing sound advice to credit union and other non-profit organizations, specializing in Supplemental Executive Retirements Plans (SERPs) for their key executives. Successfully recruiting and retaining quality executives is vital to any organization’s long-term stability, profitability and succession planning. By offering executives benefits packages […]


Hypershift Technologies is a premier consulting organization focused on SaaS, subscription software and cloud technologies. They are based in Falls Church, Virginia, 15 minutes from Washington, DC. With over 1,000 software ISV relationships, and more than 300 SaaS company relationships, they serve clients in the US and abroad, helping them modernize their IT strategy with […]