Ray Wachauf


CU 2.0 sponsor

TerraStrat uses AI to show credit unions exactly where to put branches, ATMs/ITMs, and more. TerraStrat was founded by experts in banking, AI, and geographic information systems (GIS). GIS in banking helps credit unions understand their member demographics, where they live, what they buy, and where they buy it.

Typically, GIS relies on highly educated guesswork, complex market predictions, and analysis. TerraStrat’s AI increases the accuracy and efficiency of that process. They work with credit unions and leverage their AI-powered GIS, expert consultants, and years of experience optimize branch location strategy.

The idea is, TerraStrat can help credit unions find the best places for their branches. This means:

  • New branch locations
  • Branch relocations
  • Branch closures
  • Remodels for new capacity
  • ATM and ITM placement

All of those are key to maintaining profitability outside of the digital realm. TerraStrat provides a necessary service for credit unions that want to optimize branch locations and maximize branch profitability.