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Hypershift Technologies is a premier consulting organization focused on SaaS, subscription software and cloud technologies. They are based in Falls Church, Virginia, 15 minutes from Washington, DC. With over 1,000 software ISV relationships, and more than 300 SaaS company relationships, they serve clients in the US and abroad, helping them modernize their IT strategy with the next generation of tools and services.

Hypershift’s seamless tech portfolio helps clients to develop a better strategy for leveraging the cloud. They assist companies in migrating from traditional data center models, integrating IaaS & SaaS services, and reducing an organization’s CapEx and OpEx while increasing technology flexibility.

Their approach focuses on a curated, best of breed, cost-optimized technology portfolio that has been proven to work seamlessly together, from directory services and authentication to data integration, data warehousing, and automated data exchange between SaaS applications.