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intelliflo supplies specialist online software for IFAs, financial, and mortgage advisers, allowing focus on clients… not administration!

intelliflo brings together leading businesses in the financial services sector:

  • Intelliflo: UK’s #1 practice management and digital engagement software provider;
  • i4C: leading integrated cash flow modelling solution;
  • Jemstep: market-leading digital advice provider;
  • Portfolio Pathway: cutting-edge wealth management solution;
  • RedBlack: best-in-class investment management solution.

intelliflo now provides a broader range of solutions than ever before to power the advisory experience:

  • Financial planning: enables financial advisors and professionals to help individuals manage their finances, create detailed plans, and forecast future financial scenarios.
  • Practice management: drives efficiencies through the front, middle, and back office processes in the provision of financial advice and servicing investors.
  • Portfolio management: empowers financial advisors to generate and manage investments on behalf of end-investors.
  • Digital advisory: scales advisory businesses by allowing end-investors to efficiently engage, onboard, and self-service with regulatory and compliance-approved guardrails.
  • Managed services: works with their customers to help them use integrated solutions effectively and efficiently, from portfolio allocation to performance reporting and billing.