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Paperwork makes financial health accessible to all

Paperwork helps credit unions support their members in moments of need and beyond, empowering them to build financial stability and achieve their goals.

Through their financial wellness platform, Paperwork helps members understand and manage their finances. From debt, to savings, to loans, to expenses, to retirement, Paperwork allows members to assess, act on, and improve their financial health.

In their co-branded app, members are guided through steps to improve their finances. Meanwhile, Paperwork delivers relevant and customizable credit union offers in the right place at the right time, helping members fulfill their needs while increasing credit union sales across banking, lending, investment, and insurance products.

Paperwork also helps advance credit union digital strategy with insightful data and analytics about members so credit unions can better serve them.

And, thanks to connectivity, it’s ready to plug into your CRM, CXM, and other data tools and sources.

In a world where most financial wellness tools choose between education and empowerment, Paperwork manages to provide both, though it emphasizes its utility; for example, it doesn’t just seek to teach members about the difference between regular and high-yield savings accounts–it also suggests the relevant credit union account and walks the member through setup, use, and planning.

Due to its customizable offers and focus on pushing members toward action, it finds a solid, novel ground upon which to build for credit unions’ financial wellness strategy.