Vertice AI

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Vertice AI helps credit unions know which products and services each member needs.

Credit unions often face challenges when it comes to fully leveraging their member data. Vertice AI addresses this issue head-on by offering actionable recommendations for credit unions to guide each member towards the most suitable products and services which ultimately improves economic participation.

Established in 2021, Vertice AI has quickly emerged as the frontrunner in the credit union market, providing cloud-based AI technologies designed for credit unions to maximize member engagement and satisfaction without requiring a team of data scientists. By bridging the gap between marketing and AI, Vertice AI enables credit unions to deliver personalized product offers to their members while simultaneously safeguarding the organization’s overall health and risk management.

Furthermore, their concise and accessible solutions equip credit unions with the necessary tools to drive real member growth… and measure its impact without requiring PhD data analyst and scientists.

Vertice AI’s cloud-based solution harnesses the power of advanced analytics and AI to deliver member specific financial journeys. The platform excels at:

  • Identifying the next offer for each member
  • Recommending effective engagement strategies
  • Measuring the results and impact of marketing

Their primary focus is to enhance existing member engagement while answering the critical questions of WhoWhat? And How?

Vertice AI was conceived to address the knowledge and skill gap faced by credit unions as they compete with larger banks and fintech companies offering increasingly sophisticated services to a diverse clientele. With a combined experience of over thirty years, their team is committed to delivering cutting-edge, value-oriented member growth solutions to both emerging and mature markets.