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Xpress Data, Inc. or XDI, is a credit union document production and delivery vendor from San Diego, California. All of XDI’s resources and attention are focused exclusively on document services for credit unions. Whereas other vendors offer this service as an add-on to their other products, XDI has made it their core competency.

Consequently, XDI has led innovation in this realm. Their¬†Test Drive feature, ability to catch redundant documents, and other capabilities have led the market. One of XDI’s most attractive offers is its contract structure. Credit unions are free to cancel their contract at any time, eliminating frustrating vendor lock-in. Furthermore, they allow credit unions to choose their own discount for unsatisfactory performance.

XDI may be best known for their charity events. Their annual chili cookoff challenge was a big hit, and their cornhole tournaments were fun… until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Then, they went digital with a trivia night.

Financial institutions across the U.S. transmit data files for member statements, notices, letters and tax forms to XDI where they are formatted to exact specifications of each individual organization. The customized documents are printed and delivered via USPS First Class or Certified Mail, viewed electronically through integration with home banking platforms or supplied as PDFs ready for local archiving. Credit union clients enjoy substantial production and postage cost savings and significantly improved quality, efficiency, and appearance of member communications.

Founded in 1995 as Xpress Data Imaging, XDI company began as a “mom & pop” all-purpose digital printing and mailing operation. In 1999, they decided to focus entirely on credit union member correspondence and shortened their name to Xpress Data, Inc. XDI’s founders and leadership team have built their entire careers around document management service endeavors, but they found our home in the credit union industry.

Today, XDI serves more than 200 prestigious credit unions, collectively representing hundreds of billions in assets. Their documents are received by tens of millions of members nationwide.