Checking 2.0 Guide

credit union paid premium bundled subscription checking 2.0 guide

This Checking 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of checking accounts in the U.S. It’ll offer some insight about premium, paid, and bundled accounts, as well as services and capabilities that are generally considered table stakes in today’s banking environment.

Credit Union Custom Software Developer Guide

credit union custom software development guide

This 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of custom software development for credit unions, including why it’s a viable pathway to digital transformation, common projects, and evaluation strategies for custom development companies. This guide should also offer some perspective about why keeping a development partner is a good idea for any credit union […]

Home Lending Provider Guide

credit union home lending vendor guide

This Home Lending 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of home lending in the U.S. It’ll offer some insight about lending trends and the role that fintechs play in driving those trends. It’ll also explore challenges facing traditional home lenders.

Fintech Lending Provider Guide

credit union fintech lending vendor guide

This 2.0 Guide is intended to show the state of fintech lending in the U.S. It should also offer some perspective about why outside fintech lenders represents a clear threat to credit unions, as well as how credit unions can leverage partnering fintechs to fight back.

The Credit Union Payments 2.0 Provider Guide

payments 2.0 guide

The way consumers interact with money—save it, spend it, and borrow it—is rapidly changing as advancing technology enhances the digital banking experience. Cashless transactions are growing in popularity and the digital payments market is quickly expanding to offer more options than ever before —creating opportunities for third-party fintechs to swoop in and take advantage. They […]

The Credit Union Data Analytics 2.0 Provider Guide

credit union data analytics provider guide

Credit unions often lag competitors, technologically. Technological needs must be balanced with service, growth, and profit; often, those needs compete with fintechs, compliance, IT security, and ever-changing regulations.

Open Banking Solutions and Credit Union Collections

Open banking solutions fintech and credit union collections from cu 2.0

For several years throughout the pandemic, delinquency rates were low. And by low, we mean low low. However, in 2022, we’re starting to see signs that delinquencies are charge-offs are increasing. Of course, there are numerous factors about why delinquencies are rising. And there are many ways that credit unions can support their members as […]

CXM for Credit Unions: What It Is and Why You Need It

Credit union cxm with ovation cxmengine from cu 2.0

After visiting a branch to discuss finances, one of your members decides they need a new product—let’s say it’s a credit card. They get home and go to your website to explore their options. After they find what they’re looking for, they begin the application process on your mobile app. But wait! Something goes wrong… […]

3 Tips for Branch Managers in the Digital Age

credit union digital branch manager tips from cu 2.0

As Internet banking began to pick up steam in the late 90s, lots of people predicted that brick-and-mortar credit union branches would eventually fade away. Of course, they were wrong. As the market matured, it became clear that branches still had a place in the financial landscape. There are just some things that members either […]