Quick Wins with Marketing Automation Forms

Having done lots of marketing automation onboarding and coaching in the last year, I’ve decided it would be helpful to put some of CU 2.0’s processes out there. You might be wondering… this guy doesn’t write blogs, so who is he and why should I trust him?

Well, one of the core services that CU 2.0 provides is marketing automation. As our project manager and head of automation, I feel pretty darn suited to address marketing automation topics and share some of my thoughts and expertise on the matter.

If you’re new to marketing automation and want to learn how to achieve some quick wins with the platform of your choosing, then read on!

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CU 2.0’s On-Page SEO Checklist

Most credit unions use content for inbound marketing in some capacity. But from what we’ve seen, most credit unions don’t follow many (if any) best practices. So, we’ve put together a brief on-page SEO checklist for copywriting.

This is not an exhaustive list, and it doesn’t cover most of the technical side of things. Also, optimization for copywriting is constantly changing. Some gotta-dos in here might be outdated in a year. Still, these tips will help you generate compelling, ranking content

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