AI Case Study: Grain Technologies

This is an excerpt from FinAncIalHelping Financial Executives Prepare for an Artificial WorldGrab your copy here! 

This particular case study was cut for space from the book. However, the book features more than a dozen explorations of AI-based fintechs. Stay tuned to the CU 2.0 blog while we feature more excerpts from our financial guide to AI! 

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Do You Trust AI for Member Service at Your Credit Union?

When I thought my old 4×4 finally kicked the bucket last month, I started looking at new cars. But car salespeople have a reputation for being pushy and not entirely trustworthy. So, I browsed dealer inventories online, and whenever I wanted more info, I asked their chatbot.

I loved it! It was surprisingly human. And I got to engage on my own terms without any high-pressure sales tactics. Only when I was considering a test drive did I engage with an actual person.

And that’s because the site chatbot got my contact info and helped me schedule a visit.

Credit unions should take note.

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2021 Credit Union Technology Trends to Watch

Wow. 2020 managed to pack a decade of excitement into the span of a single year. Interestingly, it also packed several years worth of digital transformation into a few months at the beginning of the pandemic.

Credit unions began by closing branches, leaning heavily on their digital channels… and continued to lean on digital even after reopening. Now, more members than ever use online and mobile banking. Branch visits are fewer and farther between.

All of this raises the question: How can credit unions continue to be there for members when they can’t physically be there? How can your technology create the same friendly, safe experience that in-branch visits typically provide?

Read on to see eight technology trends that credit unions should keep a close eye on (especially in the face of the coronavirus).

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Digital Transformation: How Automating Member Support Leads to Growth

Even before COVID-19, consumers have increasingly turned toward chatbots to help them with digital requests. Now that social distancing and work-from-home policies are normal, the chatbot trend is accelerating.

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Is That Chatbot for Credit Unions Really AI-Powered?

Let’s be clear: the COVID-19 crisis has drastically increased consumer demand for chatbots. They keep you connected to your members while helping them with mundane issues like password resets, fee disputes, and minor banking needs.

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