Vertice AI’s Data-Driven Credit Union Member Engagement Platform

credit union member engagement platform from vertice ai

Ask 10 people what growth marketing is and you’ll get 11 different answers. Consequently, it’s hard to make sure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to strategies to grow credit union member engagement and participation.

In credit unions, this is especially true. Should you start with developing an indirect dealer network? What about creating a product as a rate leader? Should you start by putting your name up on a stadium or running a certificate promotion?

What should credit union executives focused on growth do first?

That’s easy: understand their members.

Buckle up, because we’re about to shed some light on how data can power credit union member engagement. And that’s without having to hire new analysts or data scientists.

We’ll also highlight how Vertice AI, a fast-growing fintech, is using their turnkey member engagement platform to deliver data-driven, personalized targeting to members. Their platform increases member wallet share and enterprise-wide reporting, allowing their credit union partners to understand members’ needs and direct engagement efforts better than ever before.

Level-Set on Credit Union Member Engagement and Marketing

Most of the time when people hear “marketing,” they think social media, emails, flashy commercials, and big budgets.

However, marketing, at its core, is about nudging people to make decisions that help an organization or community reach its goals.

And marketing accomplishes its goals (and achieves positive ROI) by delivering:

  • The right message
  • To the right person
  • At the right time

And, yes, that might mean TikTok, or SEO optimization, or a billboard on the side of a highway… eventually. But the first step is understanding both who’s in the market for your product and the size of this audience. From this, you can determine budget and tactics.

Similarly, “marketing” is a large umbrella that also includes credit union member engagement. If you can engage your members, you can market to them. If you can’t… you can’t.

So, to turn credit union data into marketing, you need a member engagement platform.

And that’s where Vertice AI comes in.

Introducing Vertice AI

Vertice AI falls into several of the categories of fintechs that we keep an eye on: cloud-based, AI-powered, and credit union-focused.

The goal of Vertice AI is to help credit unions know which products and services each member needs and when. In other words, they help credit unions tend to each member and help them grow throughout their financial journey. Right product at the right time.

In short, Vertice AI helps credit unions evolve their marketing member engagement strategies. Instead of best guesses, Vertice AI accesses member data to provide precision answers.

Their strategy for marketing to members is simple:

  1. Know. Vertice AI uses the data credit unions already have, to understand where each member is today and quantify their member potential for growth.
  2. Grow. Then, they use AI to predict the ideal member product journey and recommend the best-fit products, channel of engagement and tactic for product adoption along the way. (Because AI is helping to steer this ship, the “ideal journey” will be updated constantly with new data.)
  3. Measure. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Vertice AI ensures that every action of member growth is evaluated for effectiveness—and that future efforts achieve similar or better results.

As of this writing, Vertice AI is working with close to a dozen credit unions and quickly growing. Their fast success shows just how important data-driven credit union member engagement is today.

Vertice AI helps credit unions grow their member relationships—and relationship value—reliably.

Want to see what it looks like in action? Here’s a little teaser:

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