CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 293 Joe Heck and Happy Money Help Credit Unions Make Personal Loans

Podcast Guest

This is a show about Happy Money.

Of course you have to smile at that.

You’ll smile more knowing it’s the name of a company that is in the business of helping consumers with personal loans that in turn are issued by participating credit unions and of course the consumer is memberized along the way.

So it’s also a member acquisition tool.

The key Happy Money loan is the Payoff Loan – $5000 to $40,000 – that helps a consumer pay off credit cards. Rates are as low as 12.45%.

Credit unions that work with Happy Money include Michigan State Federal Credit Union, Technology Credit Union, and Alliant Credit Union.

Happy Money investors include a subsidiary of TruStage, formerly known as CUNA Mutual.

On the show to tell all about Happy Money is CEO Joe Heck, a longtime CUNA Mutual employee who rose to vice president, business transformation.

Earlier in his career he was a manager at CASE Credit Union in Michigan.

Heck is an authentic credit union guy – if we used video you’d see him in a hoodie! – and he believes in the credit union mission and the credit union difference.  He also sincerely believes Happy Money has a significant role to play in helping credit unions live up to their mission.

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