CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 294 Olivia Sorensen on SELCO Steps Up and Credit Union Giving

Podcast Guest

SELCO, at $2.7 billion in assets, is a big Oregon credit union.  It has had an active community relations – and giving – portfolio.  And then an idea took hold: SELCO decided to organize its activities and out of this has grown SELCO Steps Up where the credit union reimagines, expands, and organized its community relations portfolio.

Every credit union should be looking at doing something similar.  This is the path towards getting the most for the community out of the credit union’s talent and treasures.

“Through SELCO Steps Up, we are looking for ways to identify the changing needs of the communities we serve, and find new and innovative methods that will leave a lasting impact,” said Olivia Sorensen, Senior Community Development Specialist for SELCO. “SELCO has nearly a century of history when it comes to helping our communities. With that experience, we know that it is not enough to simply write a check. Our goal is to uplift and empower while addressing key societal challenges with a focus on issues that we can do the most good, namely financial education, removing barriers to education, and supporting students and educators.”

On the show today is Sorensen who takes us through how the idea of SELCO Steps Up took hold, how it progressed through management ranks, and how it has been embraced by the communities SELCO serves and by the credit union’s employees.

Take notes.  Similar approaches just may suit your credit union.

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