Credit Unions, Gen Z, and Harness Giving

Harness giving for credit unions and gen z values from cu 2.0

Quick note—the premise of this blog is based on Gen Z, but the fintech in question—Harness FI, connected to Harness Giving through its parent company Harness—isn’t built around Gen Z appeal. Millennial and Gen Z loyalty is not easily earned. Politically involved and environmentally conscious, these younger generations have high standards for companies. At the […]

Which Credit Union Jobs Are in Danger of Being Automated by AI?

credit union ai automation vs jobs

According to a 2017 Gallup survey, 73 of US adults believed that AI will “eliminate more jobs than it creates,” but only 23% worried about losing their own jobs. Clearly, people understand the theoretical capabilities of AI… but is there a disconnect when it comes to how it will affect them?

2021 Fintech 2.0 Awards

Fintech 2.0 awards from cu2

Each year, CU 2.0 recognizes fintechs that have improved credit union technology and the member experience. For our first annual awards in 2021, we honor fintechs in 3 areas: Mobile banking experience; Conversational banking; and Member-facing technology. We’ll discuss what each category means and why we chose it. The links above point to our deeper […]

Digital Only Banks Rising

Digital only banks vs credit unions from cu 2.0

New research out of Juniper smacks most credit union leaders in the face. That’s because 50% of us now say we would consider switching to a digital-only bank. Indeed, many households already are actively contemplating a move to a digital-only bank.

Opening a Credit Union Account During a Pandemic

I moved away from my college town about a year ago, but I was still clinging on to my old credit union account because the thought of transferring my bills, direct deposit, and savings filled me with dread. I had not even considered transferring until I bought a used bike in person, where I had […]

Memo to Credit Unions: Embrace Diversity Now

This is a summer of discontent. Streets in many American cities, from Portland OR to Phoenix to Washington DC are filled with protesters demanding more opportunity, and better treatment for people of color. What does this have to do with credit union people? Potentially a lot.