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Acreto is a cybersecurity provider serving multiple business sizes and market segments. After three years of development, Acreto is delivering the first fully integrated, end-to-end virtual security platform that can protect any technology, on any network, anywhere. The platform enables companies to consolidate security vendors, reduce operational complexity and cut cost.

They note that today, advanced security is reserved for the largest, most affluent organizations who seemingly have unlimited budgets and staffs. Small and mid-sized organizations have limited budgets and struggle to find expertise, leaving them to make critical choices on what they can effectively secure.

Acreto makes advanced security simple, accessible and affordable for small and mid-sized organizations. Acreto believes that these organizations are the backbone of our global economy, and Acreto empowers them to execute advanced security without experts and unreasonable budgets. In their words: Acreto democratizes security!

Acreto’s SASE+ Plus service includes multiple use cases, including:

  • VPN replacement
  • MPLS replacement
  • Secure cloud
  • Secure SaaS
  • Secure IoT / OT
  • Third-party access
  • Compliance and audit
  • Security consolidation
  • Security cost reduction

The way we think of Acreto is this:

Simple and affordable enterprise-grade security, with all the features of the products you need… without the products!