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Array turns indirect and single-service members into full ones through credit tools

The more people know about their financial and credit health, the easier they can buy, borrow, and get access to financial services. Array makes gaining that knowledge possible.

Although Array has three separate products, they blend seamlessly into one. Those products include:

  • My Credit Manager. These credit tools embed in online and mobile banking platforms. They allow members to see their credit score, learn about how it’s calculated, and help them protect and improve it.
  • Offers Engine. Array uses credit profiles (from My Credit Manager) to send relevant, targeted offers to members. These may include credit cards, pre-approved loans, investment accounts, and more.
  • Identity Protect. From SSN and dark web monitoring to ID theft insurance and restoration, Array keeps member identities safe.

How Array works (in practice) is often like this:

Members get an offer to see their credit score and what went into it. When the member opts in, they get offers based on their credit profile. Additionally, they get identity protection services to ensure their long-term financial health.

What’s also compelling about Array is that their per-user business model allows them to work with financial institutions of all sizes. They could integrate as effectively with $2m credit unions as with the largest multinational banks.

If you like Capital One’s CreditWise or Chase Bank’s Credit Journey, you’ll love Array.