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Effectiv is an AI-driven fraud and risk automation platform for credit unions.

Effectiv is an AI-driven fraud and risk automation platform for credit unions. Their innovative, AI-driven fraud and risk automation platform is designed to empower credit unions and other financial institutions to mitigate the growing threat of fraud.

The team at Effectiv is comprised of fraud and risk experts who have helped to secure companies like Google, Walmart, and US Bank. Now, their goal is to make enterprise-grade fraud and risk automation technology accessible for every bank, credit union, and fintech.

To meet the accelerating pace of digital transformation and the subsequent rise in fraudulent activities, Effectiv provides an all-in-one fraud and compliance platform that combines sophisticated technology with human expertise. This blend helps Effectiv protect credit unions and their members in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats.

Part of what makes Effectiv’s platform stand out includes:

Real-time payment fraud detection and prevention: Automated monitoring of transactions and behaviors across a variety of payment methods, including cards, ACH, wire transfers, Zelle, RTP, FedNow, and RDC.

Optimized new member onboarding: With a focus on both security and user experience, Effectiv leverages AI technology for a secure and streamlined onboarding process, including KYC/KYB, liveness detection, sanction screening, and first-party, third-party, and synthetic ID fraud detection.

Efficient case management dashboard: Effectiv’s platform streamlines case lifecycle management using AI, reducing manual case review by up to 80% and removing operational bottlenecks. Teams can file FinCEN reports like SARs and CTRs with one click.

Effectiv’s solution not only protects credit unions from current fraud threats but also equips them with the tools to adapt and respond to future risks. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Effectiv stands ready to help credit unions navigate these changes securely and confidently.