Exagens provides technology and expertise to deliver behavioral banking solutions for customers in digital channels. They want to influence the financial decisions that various demographics make. Exagens typically focuses on:

1. Digital sales: Increased conversion, reduced abandonment, cross- and up-selling, and individual conversations.

2. Digital adoption: Increased use of digital tools and solutions, provided support, and reduced call volume.

3. Digital engagement: Increased channel usage, behavioral financial insights, and financial coaching.

The idea behind what Exagens does is simple. They understand that people are not computers, and that sometimes people’s behavior influences their decisions more than logic and reason. To push people in the right direction, financial institutions must work with that behavior rather than ignore it and hope for the best.

Essentially, “behavioral banking” is the study and application of behavioral sciences in the context of the interactions between people and their financial institutions.

And Exagens improves that particular approach, especially when it comes to digital offers.