Finn AI

CU 2.0 sponsor

Finn AI builds conversational AI for banks and credit unions to improve their digital customer experience on mobile, online, and call center channels. Packaged as an all-inclusive Managed Service, Finn uses AI to solve the problem of creating an outstanding digital experience that increases customer success, engagement, and loyalty.

Finn AI helps users perform normal online and mobile banking functions. It can also direct queries, provide customer support, recommend products and services, and offer financial counseling and advice.

Finn AI believes that online and mobile banking are evolving to be more personalized and human‑like… but not so human-like that people avoid interacting at all. They expect people to use more conversational interfaces and voice‑activated banking in the future.

Working only in the financial sector helps simplify Finn AI’s development—it doesn’t have to train on other subject matter to be complete. Instead, it’s free to specialize in banking terms and conversation.

Finn AI Intro Video – Finn AI