Grain Technology, Inc.

CU 2.0 sponsor

Grain Technology, Inc., or Grain, provides consumers personalized credit and savings through their checking account. They use machine learning to incorporate important variables and metrics that offer customized lines of credit that more precisely fit a borrower’s unique financial picture.

Grain works by providing a revolving line of credit that consumers can access through their existing debit cards without issuing a credit card. This approach empowers consumers to use what they need for day-to-day spending. Plus, it builds good credit in the process and ultimately gives consumers more ownership over their credit.

Here’s how it works:

First, sync a current debit card and use Grain as one would a credit card. Grain analyzes income and other information to instantly offer a revolving line of credit.

Then, Grain’s AI-based platform provides credit in the form of cash advances to the linked checking account. The amounts are typically small so that daily needs are met and good credit practices are kept.

Grain’s goal is to democratize credit and get it into everyone’s hands… without the hassle, and without traditional barriers to entry! Grain partners with financial institutions to provide their white-labeled service to members and customers.