GreenKey Technologies

GreenKey Technologies, winner of the 2015 most promising startup award, is changing the way the world communicates. The core technology behind GreenKey is AI. That is, they use machine learning (ML) to power natural language processing (NLP). With it, they record, transcribe, and analyze verbal interactions and mine them for insight. Then, they produce reports, recommendations, and findings based on what the algorithm found.

GreenKey’s technology has taken them in two interesting directions:

First, GreenKey works with law enforcement to promote respectful interactions and better de-escalation techniques. Usually, this is done with body cams. On average, less than 0.1% of body cam footage is reviewed. GreenKey’s AI can review footage quickly and automatically. Through language analysis, GreenKey can detect and alert when an officer is being rude or combative. It can also suggest better ways of speaking with the public. Basically, GreenKey improves police accountability with AI.

Second, GreenKey works in the financial sector. Their technology can analyze news, reports, and other financial media to find better trade ideas. This cuts down on the amount of research buy- and sell-side traders need to do… and it cuts down on fickle biases and human sentiment! Their NLP offers customizable recommendations for market traders.