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Do more with every payment

Harness is a fintech that works with financial institutions and nonprofit companies to make sure every purchase has purpose. Harness operates through two business arms: Harness FI, which works with financial institutions and card issuers, and Harness Giving, which works with nonprofits and NGOs.

Harness Giving is a payments platform that helps nonprofits accept more donations. They specialize in securing recurring donations through automation, marketing, and other customizable digital engagement strategies.

Harness FI partners with credit unions and other card issuers to allow any cardholder to make charitable donations to nonprofits. The platform is fully modular, configurable, and member-funded. It works with leading card networks like Visa and Mastercard, and it seamlessly integrates with existing cards and rewards programs.

Harness FI connects every payment to purpose, funding everything from ocean cleanups to local food banks with each swipe.

To drive even more engagement and improve share of wallet, Harness FI gamifies the payments experience with prize-linked giving. First, each payment includes round-ups for charity. But it doesn’t stop there:

  • Each swipe is entered into a sweepstakes with thousands of winnable prizes;
  • Inactive cards have a higher chance to win, ensuring your card doesn’t get forgotten;
  • Larger purchases carry higher chances to win, incentivizing more card spend; and
  • Recurring transactions carry higher chances to win as well, incentivizing card on file status.

With Harness, every transaction will make your credit union more memorable to your members. Harness also powers donations, sweepstakes, and disaster relief as part of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) payments solution.

Additionally, Harness FI’s roadmap includes other critical payments capabilities, including family gift giving, retirement, savings and deposit account growth, cryptocurrency, and more.