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The most trusted identity verification & fraud detection platform

HyperVerge is an AI-powered remote identity verification, KYC, and fraud detection platform. Their face recognition and liveness engines have helped more than 100 companies onboard nearly half a billion customers in the last two years alone.

Their three primary products are:

  • Identity verification. HyperVerge can robustly authenticate and onboard users in 10 seconds using only an ID card and a selfie from a smartphone.
  • Fraud detection. HyperVerge employs a face-based de-dupe system that stops fraudulent applications at the first step of the application process in a matter of seconds.
  • Document digitization. HyperVerge’s AI-based document digitization engine extracts text from structured and unstructured documents to ensure form pre-filling for customers and eliminate data entry.

HyperVerge uses a low-code platform for easy integration. Their goal is to make things easy for both the members and customers being authenticated as well as for the organizations using their platform!

HyperVerge currently offers a free trial plan for individual users.