Hypori is a highly secure virtual smartphone solution that lets users perform business tasks on their mobile devices while leaving zero footprint and guaranteeing 100% separation of personal and corporate data. Hypori makes truly secure BYOD a reality.

Hypori® eliminates the security risks and administrative headaches of any organization’s BYOD (“bring your own device”) program. They empower staff to use their personal devices to get more done while simultaneously improving compliance, security, and cost effectiveness of BYOD.

Hypori’s virtual mobile infrastructure platform (VMI) shields enterprises from the risks of BYOD while providing a rich, responsive end user experience, and a more secure, cost-effective compliant solution for any organization. The highly scalable and flexible infrastructure helps commercial and public sector organizations bridge the gap between mobile productivity and mobile security.

Banks and credit unions can use Hypori to gain on-the-go access to customer relationship data while ensuring no sensitive information (such as social security numbers or account numbers) ever touches an end user device.