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Increase recoveries and reduce risk

January is a technology-enabled collection agency that works with depository institutions, fintech lenders, and debt buyers. Their software automates, optimizes, and audits engagement with consumers to drive performance and reduce reputational, compliance, and operational risk for their clients.

To date, they’ve doubled some client projections, improved collections-ROI by 30%, and have been successful in resolving over 90% of accounts without a human in the loop. All while maintaining outstanding consumer reviews and nearly non-existent complaint rates.

The reason why January is successful is simple:

Borrowers in delinquency and default face harassment, hidden fees, and harmed credit scores. Creditors lose out on recoveries, expose themselves to compliance and operational risks, and compromise the trust on which their relationships with borrowers are built.

But January was designed from the ground up to utilize technology to provide a more streamlined, compliant, and effective resolution process for borrowers and creditors alike.

The results include:

  • Increased recoveries (gross and net) through better strategy and lower cost
  • Reducing risk through automation and strict compliance
  • Better visibility into inbound and outbound actions
  • Improved relationships with consumers