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Greg Thomson

Lending Arts

CU 2.0 sponsor

Lending Arts connects quality generated auto lead to credit unions utilizing the credit unions underwriting, footprint and guidelines to deliver competitive refinancing options for the borrower.  Lending Arts handles all the heavy lifting, requiring very little resources from the credit union.

For direct lending, Lending Arts partners with credit unions, community banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions to build internal member success. Lending Arts provide the automotive solutions to through their proven dynamics. They specialize in helping financial institutions capture their members’ automotive loans elsewhere by taking the stress and hassle off the institution. In their words, “they do the work for you.”

For indirect lending, Lending Arts also assists credit unions in generating new production through new member(s) automotive loans. They provide qualified and unique leads that span locally, multi-state, or nationally. Their technology enables and is enabled by:

  • Simple and custom API integration;
  • Quick links through CUDL (L360), Route One, Dealer Track;
  • Extensive application vetting processes to guarantee the cleanest applications on the market;
  • Efficient closing processes with document walk-through on every borrower
  • Validation that Lending Arts carries the lowest risk and best return; and
  • An excellent title processing and perfection department.

Finally capitalize through their direct association with American Assurance Corporation, they offer high quality market auxiliary products that protect not just the borrower but the financial institution as well.