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Quilo is an AI-powered digital lending platform that empowers credit unions to originate, fund, and service personal loans for members, instantly. It also helps SMBs offer financing at point of sale.

There are a few things that we love about Quilo and what they’re doing. For example:

  1. Quilo’s personal installment loans are flexible. Quilo addresses each use case listed above, including BNPL, credit card repayment, and account replenishment.
  2. Quilo is core agnostic. Integrating with many cores is good, but not needing the core at all is great. This should limit future IT headaches.
  3. Quilo is remarkably fast and easy to use. We tried it (several times). Each time, we breezed through the process in a minute, tops.
  4. Quilo extends to business account members. Quilo may help to acquire and support small business accounts by enabling to offer customers instant financing at point of sale.

Quilo has found a model that goes beyond BNPL to offer something more far-reaching. In a world of self-service and digital-first banking, that’s a welcome differentiator.